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Wall coverings : a multitude of possibilities!

Would you like your decor to have a little more liveliness? No need for big jobs (or a substantial budget!) to bring life to your home interior. The solution? Dress the walls with wall coverings! This allows a room to have character while providing style and originality. Wall coverings are the perfect alternative to paint and wallpaper, and a perfect sham to hide imperfections. This trend is perfect on a complete wall as well as in small dose.

Here are three inspiring effects to recreate at home, from the Inspiration Design collection at Flordeco.


Concrete imitation

Concrete walls are very popular in new buildings. For this industrial look at home, opt for a wall covering such as the LamStone series. Unique in its kind, this laminated, thin, flexible and resistant stone can be applied to any interior surface. 

Lamstone Metal | Inspiration design collection


From being the material of choice in most decoration projects, wood is no longer found only on floors! Whether for a complete wall or accent wall, wood is very popular. Both rustic and sophisticated, wood wall coverings, real or imitated, instantly transforms a room. The Navaro 3D boards let you play with color and texture for a rustic-chic look, while for a less flashy look, the 3D pearl boards inject a soft atmosphere. You just need to choose the product according to the desired atmosphere.

Planched 3D Pearl - Inspiration Design Collection



This solid-looking wall covering finds its place in every room of the house, bringing both warmth and contrast to a room. Classic essential for a warm and cozy look, brick offers great versatility, offering both country or refined effects. Available in a wide selection of formats and colors, bricks can easily personalize a room. From a vast selection of minimalistic to loud and bold bricks, all options are available. 

Avalanche brick | Inspiration design collection

For more information about home automation for wall covering, please contact us or come visit us in stores. The experts at Flordeco will be happy to help you every step of the way.

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